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Julio: The Hidden Alpha

Something definitely will. he can feel it in his bones, in his body, his veins. His soul felt something different. It never felt so alive before. A surge of power, strength and something reverent was there. So, feral but still; very submissive at least for now and his gut is screaming not for long. How can a peaceful visit possibly turn into a chaotic mess? Maybe he knew or maybe he is just want to ignore the feeling altogether. Didn’t someone said ‘ignorance is the bliss’

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Why mental health well-being is needed? Especially in young Adults.

Mental health is just like a fire, you have to keep a closer watch on it. Similarly, with our growing young generation, their mental health well-being should be our top priority. Most important mental health well-being falls under being emotionally balanced.  Being emotionally taken care of is the most important requirement for a young adult, teenage girl especially. If not, it might lead to emotional disorders like depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, anger issues, and many more taking the bite of their lives.

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