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Last updated on August 19, 2020


“Hearing both the parties” said judge Ruddy “both the parties will share the custody of their five year old daughter, jointly without any harm and ill will” with that my fate was sealed all those years back. Now I had two homes to go to every weekend with dad, holidays to rotate, whose turn will come for summer or Christmas, all was planned; that actually might seems fun but, is it really? All was planned for me not actually considering what I want, lasted just few months or maybe year. Then little six years old was last on their mind, set on back pedestal, hindrance they now count.
But, why I’m thinking this so suddenly?
Out of blue; it just triggered the memories you want to suppress or maybe it happened because, it’s graduation day.

Graduation day

A big day in every teen’s life, a big formal step into future; in adult life all alone, an adventure to happen, lot to discover and achieve such a thrill, isn’t it.
Families seated in the hall, students mingling with their friends; pictures are taken, parents beaming with pride their kid’s finally high school graduated or going to be in few minutes when the official ceremony will start. Soon teachers ushered kids into their seats, hall is jammed packed and I was too ushered by teachers in front, as I was one of the honourable student, who apparently going to be seated on stage with the other honourable students, way to discriminate us from our peers.

Few hours later, all the speeches are made diplomas are distributed to the students, who all their teen life worked for it, atleast few of them take it more seriously than others.
When the ceremony was over, families embraced their kids; tears of joy spilled their eyes, friends tackling each other in joy, pictures being taken, memories being cherished. All the happy faces, and proud smile of parents ignited the little spark of jealousy’ pity in her because, like always there is no one for her to embrace, to share this milestone with her or snap few pictures or just be there for her.
Issa is quietly seated in the corner where no one will pay attention to her, quietly observing the smiles, tears just pure joy of achieving something, on her peers and their families’ faces. But, soon someone tapped on her shoulder, startling her from her day dreaming, turning she is greeted by Quinine Ron, this year valedictorian; beaming at her.

“Hi” Issa muttered quietly
“hi” Quinine replied and took seat beside her on bench
“you wanted something” Issa asked
“just wanted to say thank you” Quinine replied
“thank you, for what?” Issa asked confused
“for letting me have the valedictorian speech” Quinine “even though you don’t have to do that, so that’s why; thank you”
Issa just smiled at her “its fine, no need to thank me. You have someone to cheer for you and root for that speech and by the way, speech was magnificent, and I don’t think I could do any better than what you did. So don’t need to thank me, it’s all good.”
“but, still thank you” Quinine said and got up “well good luck for future and now I need to head back otherwise they gonna send the search party for me.”
“yeah sure” Issa replied quickly, adding “good luck to you too.” With that we parted ways, she went back to her parents and I started trek toward parking to finally go home, more likely the place I have been living past thirteen or so years now.

“Issa” someone called my name from behind making me stop in mid step and to turn and see, Miss Amber is one who called me.

“Miss Amber” Issa asked
“Issa” Miss Amber said again this time closer to me “are you leaving already”
“yeah” Issa muttered “did you need something?”
“Oh no” Miss Amber said “just wanted to see my favourite student one last time, is that a crime Miss Robert”
Issa finally cracked a smile, so genuine this time “no of course not well this is goodbye then”
Miss Amber face became serious for mini second “they didn’t showed up”
Issa just shrugged her shoulder, and smiled “nothing new there” and added after a pause “well I see you when I see you, I guess.”
“yeah” Miss Amber replied and embraced Issa in tight hug and soon , Issa found herself in her car and driving aimlessly on roads, don’t want to go back just yet.
Issa found herself in park on swing set, still in her graduation dress, not that it was new, because it was not, no need to waste money when no one is going to be there for you. She didn’t even paid much heed to time, it’s not like someone is going to be waiting for her, she didn’t even got up when rain started to pour, hiding her tears from cloudy night, silently she poured all the pain, and anguish; she held for so long.
Swinging away in the park

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