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A Heart Can Only Take This Much…#3

Last updated on August 19, 2020


“So this is huh” Leo muttered
Its 6 is the morning Issa is all ready clad in her uniform to go and her luggage is all packed and set in front of the door, to go.

Leo is here to take her to the base, where Issa will start her training or soon be sending to another base sanctioned to her.
“You are insuating like its finale goodbye” Issa asked him

“Well it feels like” Leo mumbled

“It’s not like that and you know that too” Issa replied “beside it’s not like you never see me or hear from me, you are not getting rid of me that soon”

“so you say” Leo muttered and eyed her luggage is disdain.
“oh c’mon” Issa muttered before she could elaborate much to his disagreement, a commotion drew her attention on itself and soon enough a little boy emerged from the back door of the house and bee lined at her.
“Where are you going?” the eight year old asked Issa
“What are you doing here?” Issa asked at the same.
“I asked you first” the eight years old replied
“Who is older?” Issa asked
“Who is younger?” the eight year old countered back
“Don’t be cheeky” Issa replied and bend to his level and asked again “why are you up so early?”
“I saw you with luggage and came down to see where are you going?” asked him

“Well somewhere” Issa replied

The young boy tilted his head to side and asked “somewhere? Where?”
“Just somewhere, far away” Issa replied and soothed his bed hair and said “you will be good while I’m gone, won’t you Cyril”
“Of course” Cyril replied in his innocence, not sensing the grave emotions brewing inside Issa heart “but, you will come back”
How could Issa reply this question? When she herself doesn’t know the answer for it? “One day” Issa croaked out and reached behind her neck to untie the only thing she had of her parents a necklace with an angel and tied around her brother’s neck and with one last longing look Issa asked him to take care of it for her. “You going to protect this for me, right” asked him
“yes I will” Cyril beamed and her heart soared for him, the only family who loved her and adored her “it will remind me of you” and babbled some more like how cool it is? How his friends in school are going to be so jealous of it and so on and forth.
“ok now it’s time for me to go” Issa said and hugged her brother remembering his smell and those big beautiful eyes and that smile full of innocence and mischief.
“I’ll Waite for you” Cyril exclaimed a dagger to her heart and asked him to go into the house before someone spot them together and turned towards Leo and asked “let’s go”
The whole journey to the local base they were quite lost in their own thoughts, lots of emotions and hurt was there, fear of losing and never coming back, a new beginning or destruction no one knew, so they kept their thoughts to each other. No sooner they reached the base and time for final goodbye came.
“So this is it, huh” Leo muttered
“you making it sound like I’m going forever” Issa replied smiling “I’ll be in touch, sending you letters and calls, don’t you worry I’ll be there for you; it’s not easy to get rid of me”
“It won’t be same” Leo muttered
“Cheer up Leonardo, you will be going to college and making friends, girlfriend perhaps” Issa trailed off “hey you be fine”
“take care “ Leo said “please look after yourself”

“I’ll do that” Issa promised “you take care of you and live your life don’t worry about me all the time and maybe look after Cyril please, that kid has so much good in him don’t let them ruin him too”

“You don’t worry I got him” Leo promised

They both hugged so tight and with final goodbye, Issa turned a whole new journey and Leo let her go, gripped with fear for not seeing her again ever.
Soon days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years; years it’s been they have seen eachother last, held eachother, they have exchanged letters and few calls over the years but, they are not enough; they were never enough for them both, the best friends were hurt for each other, one more than other.

Ten years flew by and Leo is now married and soon will be welcoming his first child with his wife Anna, he took Cyril under his wing when he came out as gay to his parents and lot of drama was their but, as promised to his best friend, Leo took care of him, now eighteen almost done with his high school, still as innocent as before. Nothing much changed with Issa’s family; they never inquired about her wear bouts, never questioned about her to Leo or his family, as they don’t care; actually thy never did.

Not a day goes by when they didn’t talk about her, Cyril ask about her how he wants to meet her again, be with her like family, like brother and sister.
But, who knew one phone call later that month will change their like for good.

It’s ten in night and Leo’s house is still in uproar because of their monthly family visit and his father have everyone in stitches with his stupid court room encounters, especially Cyril who worship the ground hi father walks on. Suddenly the solace of laughter broke by the shrill voice of house phone, thinking it is nothing Leo answered and the worst of his nightmare became real.

“Hello” Leo said into receiver

“Is this Kent residence” the voice said from the other end.
“Yes it is” Leo asked now all ears present alerted in house tensely hearing to the conversation going on.

“Well its commander Hale from this side” C. hale replied “I’m very sorry to say but, Lt. Issa Robert is no more, you need to come down to st Mary hospital next town to retrieve the body and base for all the formal activities, once again we are sorry, she was one of kind.” Then line went dead from the other side.

Leo, all were calling his name but, what he saw only his best friend face, only one phrase is repeating in again and again, sorry for your loss, sorry for your loss, sorry for -, he took big gulp of air and choked the words he dreaded most but, now a reality “we need to go to hospital next town”

“Why?” his father asked

“Issa” he simply said “she is, she is no more” no sooner these words he uttered a dread spread in whole house, especially Cyril who went numb “no” muttered and keep on muttering, they both lost someone close to them.

But, soon they were signing all the paper and literally she took care of all arrangements, like she knew it’s going to happen, like she always knew or predict this what it will led too? But, she left two broken men and tons of questions, her funeral will be tomorrow, they couldn’t even see her, they won’t let them, they got her things from base, Cyril, poor Cyril so lost and hurt, betrayed.

“C’mon Cyril” Leo said “we have to meet the lawyer for final meeting” and led the numb Cyril into the room.

“Welcome back” addressed Mr Curtis “please sit” soon they were seated in front of his desk, Cyril and his father to his sides, Leo is seated in middle.

“I’m really sorry for your loss” Mr Curtis said “I wish we mattered in other circumstances but, world is cruel place. Lets come down to business” and retrieved the blue file from the drawer “it’s her final will, we just finalised it last time she visited me, last year. She left a trust fund for her younger brother Cyril and a house and for her best friend Leonardo Kent she…” he took out a briefcase and handed it to Leo and “and there are few letters in them and few valuables she left for you and there is one more thing she left, and I don’t know how you guys are going to take it so, I better show it to you guys” leaving them confused and ringed his secretary to bring it. Not sooner the door opened walked in a lady and a kid not younger than few months old.

“What’s going on?” his father enquired
“Well there’s no other way” Mr Curtis said “but let me introduce you to Quinn Cyril Xander Robert, he is Issa’s son and she want either Leo or Cyril, whoever want to take care of him can sign the custody papers, whenever you guys want , they are with me. This is all she had in her will and don’t worry for his care he already has the trust fund, all she ever wanted to have a loving home for him”

Cyril quietly moved out of his chair and went to stand in front of lady and “may I?” quietly asked and the little Quinn just jumped into his open arms and smile this bright, one little teeth showing and snuggled into his embrace.

“I do it” Cyril said strongly “I’ll adopt him as mine, after he is all I have got” and little Quinn hummed his agreement and snuggling more into Cyril as possible it can be.
“Thank you Mr. Curtis” Leo’s father said and they together left with last of Issa’s thoughts, and little Quinn to fill the hole in their heart.

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