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Bird’s eye view

Last updated on August 18, 2020

Maybe it’s true

I’m weird after view.

Prefers solace

Crowds give me haemorrhage.

Too simple to remember.

Too easy to gamble.

Trust became issue

Friendship hassle

I never brew.

Internet connections

are dead end too.

Maybe I don’t know how to?

Smile never reaches eyes,

Laugh as hollows as inside.

Maybe it’s a sign

To define

Myself again.

With unsaid words and

Lost vigour.

A new slate to paint

With confidence and

More self love.

Maybe it’s true

I’m weird after view.

A new classic

In world full of birds eye view.

note: we all sometimes faces social awkwardness or prefer being ourselves rather than being social. sometimes we do long a company or simple conversation with others and we feel stuck. this poetry is all about the not knowing how?. I hope you all loved the poetry.; i humbly request to follow my blog for more to come.

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  1. Magical words, it was an absolute pleasure to go through your post!

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