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Book Review: I Remain Forever Yours

Last updated on June 13, 2022

I Remain Forever Yours, debut novel by Rajan V Kokkuri. It is a story about eternal bonds can’t be perished with emotional touch of longing.

Kavya studying in a boarding school termed as orphan by her peers came face to face with her sponsor and many untold secrets reveal themselves, to fill the void of years; she swore to unite her family. During her journey, she met her father Shekhar, a popular writer and came to know his story. As Shekhar reminisce his whirlwind experience, Kavya’s belief turned even more solid.

What I liked:-
The story is quick read, full of emotional notions where Kavya portrays as understanding teenager eager to make lost time and new memories. The plot is full of touching emotions pulling your heartstrings.
It’s clear author wants to lure your heart with emotional pump line. Sadly, it lack being skyrocketing:-

What I didn’t like:-
It’s kind of complex to read, which is downside (atleast for me). The author lacked in connecting the plot essentially, few grammar mistakes (not much) but, it certainly hampers leisure of reading.

In my opinion author should have worked more on plot, made it little more detailed and polished the connecting dots with interesting twist and turns, it would have made it easy and more enjoyable to read.

If you want to read for one time, you are good to go. It’s a quick read; definitely you can go for it.

RATING: 2.5/5

Pages: 68
Publisher: BUUKS
Available at: AMAZON (paperback)

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