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Book Review: Love, Hope, And Magic

If you are a logophile, who love words and their magic just like I am? You will definitely love this treasure of a book I have for you as your next read. I fell in love with this book instantly because I follow the author closely on instagram and I fell in love with his first book and second book just as good as the first. The poetry you read is as good as any novel out there, a mesmerising word play yet a soulful touch.

So, don’t wait read what I have in store for you guys.

PAGES: 230

About the Author

Ashish Bagrecha famously known for his heartfelt poetry and letters he shares on instagram. While been through tumbles of anxiety, depression and coming out as warrior. In hopes to heal others he penned down his self help book DEAR STRANGER I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL’ WHICH BECAME No.1 seller of India.

Now, with new poetry book he yet again commuovering us with ‘LOVE, HOPE AND MAGIC’

About the Book

Do you believe in love, hope and magic?

If, no. I have the exact book which can make you tumble in one. The book is divided into six chapters filled with sweet, healing and mesmerizing poetry. Every chapter is beautifully crafted; a perfect abditory for falling in love with. What will capture you the essence of writing filled with soul, honesty and words which will capture you very bit from starting? As I always say every book has story to tell; this too with poetry across six chapters weaving the love, its pain. The book talks about the hope how it fills you up; render you speechless and fills you with positivity and the magic; that we all await for, it happens quite interestingly and stays eternally.

Book review of Ashish Bagrecha - Love Hope n Magic - by Diksha Prashar
Book review of Ashish Bagrecha – Love Hope n Magic – by Diksha Prashar

Not a single poetry will disappoint you. You will enjoy it thoroughly. I know I did. It filled me with feelings of alate, to believe in universe and it’s magic for me.

i don’t think
i’ll ever find the magic
that can show you,
how you saved my life
with your mere existence
– thank you

All I want to say this book is worth your shot, your money and if you love poetry as much as I do; so go for it. You never know what heals you and stays with you just life love, hope and magic.

Buy it from here

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  1. Sanchita Agarwal Sanchita Agarwal

    Amazing work. The details are quite insightful and interesting. Keep the good work

    • thank you, do buy the book from the link below and share your opinion with me.

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