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Book Reviews

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a store house, a party, a company by the way, a counsellor, a multitude of counselors.”


Only a true reader knows the value of the great book. To the reader it’s not just a book; it’s their guide, teacher, and counselor. But, in the sea of books what’s that one book? Which will hold your interest? Whose author’s writing will attract you?

To answer all your worries as an author and writer as well as reader, comes the book reviewer.

As an author getting your book reviewed is one step closer to your readers. Books reviews are most important than you think.

A form of critical evaluation, criticism, and opinion about a particular book. Book reviews can be long or short. They summarize the book. The books can be reviewed by anyone (readers and professionals).

Where readers tend to be emotionally attached with the wordplay of the book, and professional with the critical assessment and profit from it. But, it’s appreciated to have all kinds of reviews as an author which makes it easier to establish the audience.

How I will help?

Being an avid reader and writer myself, I’ll help you to reach a positive audience with an honest review. To help the author to reach the target audience.

Benefits of getting your book reviewed:

• A detailed evaluation of the book covering all the aspects- outlining the contents, highlighting parts of the book by particular chapters or themes.
• With an honest review, you have more chances of attracting and establishing the right type of audience and worthiness of your book.
• The book review will provide greater visibility and a chance of getting found by greater readers.

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