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Easier to talk to strangers

Then faces you know,

Had heart to heart;

When loved one’s

Barely knew.

Daily a message pop

Checking on your

Chaotic thoughts,

When people around

You never glance,

Strangers put smile

On your face,

Anchored drowning spirit

From depressing slate,

Why it’s easier to talk

To a person you

Never knew?

When faces you knew

Nothing but, passing



Once in a while we find ourselves in crunch of whether emotion or life or relationships. Where it’s hard to open up about your feelings, thoughts clouding your mind and soul? I wrote this poetry with that peculiar emotion. When people we rely most on but, sometimes find harder to confess our feelings? And there is a Stranger to whom we just poured our heart out, easily. I feel like we all dealt this from time to time. So, this poetry is expression of that emotion. What I felt? I hope you guys will engage with my words that I want to convey. This poetry is all about life. A beautiful engagement of life in poetry.

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  1. Zeyad Zeyad


    • Zeyad Zeyad

      I get what you wanted to message to us through this piece of poetry

      • well glad you can relate to it

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