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Come to think of it aren’t writers’ hypocrites? They do one thing but do the latter. I have read and written about letting go. Yet are we truly letting things go?

Do we possess the courage to let things go completely? Like not thinking and letting that certain thought or past event affect your daily life, not having any sort of triggers.


Maybe, yes.

But, don’t we write about certain past triggers or events all the time. Aren’t we inspired by our sufferings? I too often write about my own issues in my poetries or form stories of them.  I do reckon as writers we write and inspire others from our strong mild words and get inspired by others too.

Though, coming back to the one riddle ‘courage to let go; do we?

I want you to be honest with yourself and self-reflect are you or have you or can you let go.

I’ll be honest I can’t.

There are certain things that I accept don’t certainly affect me greatly though, I can’t let them go either. Maybe in a crooked sense, I still hold on to them. So, I can remember what that made me feel like. How vulnerable I was? The onset of emotions whirled inside me. Holding onto that certain memory certainly doesn’t mean I hold a grudge against that particular individual. Though, it is simply for me not to be that person to any other individual and make them question things that I questioned; self-doubt themselves, lack of confidence, and many more lingering doubts.

Is it toxic?

I don’t know.

What do I know is? No matter how many times you search the depths of you and cut the chords they still meet somehow, you breathe them every day. They reside in you. Not certainly to harm you yet still be with you till your last breath. As morale of your journey, experiences, and lessons.

Courage is bravery,  letting go is healing.

Let’s heal at our own pace and time. Don’t push it. Don’t dwell on the lingering thoughts. Just find the courage to let go in your own time.

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