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Last updated on August 19, 2020

Nothing is new yet not same
It looks like an old game.
A brand new level,
In the same old board.
After lot of stumbling,
When I thought it was over,
It was just finding,
That is a do over.
Hardships levelled up maze,
That still had me amazed.

It’s like rollercoaster ride,
With a real rope tight.
No particular rules to abide,
Just hoping for things right.
Going up and down,
Yet about being able to frown.
As it’s not about a crown,
But just a small prize.
That will seem big size,
As it’s a constant do over.

Meeting un “known” faces daily,
Finding my passage regularly.
Learning words constantly.
Eating things uneaten.
Now that I’m in new vicinity.
I have gotten a do over,
Something I can’t get over.
It’s like a second childhood,
One without mom’s hood.


A beautiful piece collaborated with one of my great friend Sanchita, thank you so much for coming together for this wonderful work.

don’t forget to follow both of our both of our insta pages : holdingnothingback_  and  poetic._.tales


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