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Friends…💜 — yonniewordpresscom

Thank You for Your Thoughts Thanks for your Prayers Thanks for the many Memories we Share The Times we danced and played in the rain The many Times you called my name I remember it like yesterday The encouraging interaction building bridges of friendships I Rejoice and Give Thanks to God Above For Bringing Friends […]

via Friends…💜 — yonniewordpresscom


Dedicated to you my pack, thank you so much of you all for being my friend. 🙂 <3<3

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  1. Truly Humbled and honored that you chose to use …Friends on your Blog. Tears of Joy flood my heart, as I give thanks to God! Thanks so very much my friend. 😊Blessings…
    InHisCare 🙏

    • hey no need to cry unless they are tears of joy, any ways what friends are for? spreading joy in their friends life.
      i truly loved the piece, marvellous girl, felt so great to read it.
      hopefully i made a friend in you and happy and keep on doing what are you doing.

      much love

        • if you can see me i’m grinning like a maniac right now.
          well then welcome to the pack girl.
          lots of love

      • Definitely tears of Joy! Humbled by your beautiful words encouragement and support😊

          • Oh, my no need to be! Thanks for commenting!

          • Hey what’s your country? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • Thanks so much for following and reading my material. Blessings !

          • Thank you for following me back

            Lots of love from India ❣😘

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