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Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought?

It would have been her

Darkest hour;

Innocence being


By the grabby hands,

A molester

Taking her dignity

Without consent,

No amount of tears

Screams and cries

Her pleas

were deaf to their

ears & eyes,

They took away

Her pride,

Using her in worse

Possible way,

Discarding her like


Crawling their way,

Yet, people have audacity

To question her faith,

When demons roam freely

Marking their next prey,

Locking away her pride

admonition flocking

with pride,

Portraying victim of seduction,

A cruel face of

Hypocrisy masculinism

Plucking an innocent flower

Before it reaches

Its full potential

Barricading her life

To isolation,

Have you ever thought?

You and I

Can be next on

(rape) record.

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