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Last updated on August 22, 2020

Dear Long Lost Best Friend,

You always complained like how I was too private, never wore my heart on my sleeves. So, I thought and thought for longest time and here I am today bearing my soul naked to you, going to tell you my deepest secret that I have kept from you too. I fancy you not like I have been doing these past years even though we drifted apart; I love you more than I should, I crave you more than words can’t express, want to hold you close and never let you go.
Do you remember the day we meet? But, I clearly do. I remember you wearing your superman cape when you rescued me from the mean boys, who were hurting me? You wiped my tears and said “pretty faces like you should not be ruined, even though they are tears” then and there you took my heart and never returned it.
It started a beautiful friendship, a bond to cherish for eternity but, soon middle school happened and we drifted apart like two poles of Antarctica. Your eyes avoided me but, mine followed yours at every glance. You cared less and less but, my heart grows fonder and fonder for you.
I remember the summer holidays before middle school, when our parents took us on vacation around Europe and how we made plans for to come here back one day just two of us and that silly mirage we built around our very first date with each other. You said, you will take me to hiking that stupid mountain in our town that I always wanted to hike, you will laid the blanket on the ground and we will star gaze all night and you will tell me all about the stars, and you silly promised me that you will buy me one, then there would be the picnic basket with all my favourites eatables and the heart-shaped chocolate for the perfect date and then you will kiss me slow and sweet; you promised that would be our first kiss together and then a cuddle under the star where you will make me yours.
As stupid as it sound but, I hold on to these promises like an anchor to stay afloat.
I know that you recently got your heart-broken but, I am asking for chance to mend your broken heart.
If you feel the same, then meet today at 6pm under that broken swing, where we engraved our names forever. I’ll be waiting for you and if don’t show up that will be ok too, we will go back to being strangers like I never wrote this letter and you never read it.
Just remember this I love you and thank you for all those promises, those memories that I hold dear to me.
Now you would never complain about me being too private, because I wore my heart on my sleeves.
I love you.
Nerdy Cupcake



I’m back with yet another short story for you guys, I entered a #PERFECTDATE competition with this work of mine on wattpad hence,  the username on the cover for this story @diksha68.

Tell me how you guys liked it and if you are new to my blog make sure to like it guys and share it to.

peace out!

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