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I got Interviewed

As you know i do write on other platforms too. Yes i do.

I have accounts on social writing site one is Wattpad (@diksha68) and second one is on Inkitt (@diksha68).You guys can always check out my work their and i write or been writing full fledged books their, you guys can check it out anytime and if anyone of you is or are on wattpad or inkitt, do let me know we can follow each other back.

So, as i was saying that “i got interviewed” on my wattpad profile and I’m so honoured and pleased its my first interview like ever since, i started writing.

well i got this opportunity from one of the page/ group that i’m part of its for authors on wattpad and for others too and this post was there and a certified author on wattpad needed authors on wattpad to be interviewed nad i just wrote in comment section, like why not? i would love too. Hence, today in noon i just completed the various question she asked, to the best of my abilities.

So i just want to thank GraceSClarke, for this wonderful opportunity. I’m truly humbled and immensely joyed, so thank you.

and how can i forget my fam, my pack and how can i not ? share this small but, still bigger (atleast to me) milestone with you guys.

lost of love


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