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Life: No Fantasy

Last updated on August 19, 2020

Sometimes I wanted to talk. But, you are busy all around the clock, messages left on seen; too tired to respond.
I don’t understand whom to call? Whose door to knock?
This darkness inside me compelling to come out, questioning my sanity, no way out.
I don’t know when we became strangers; so close yet so far away running in different circles no cross way.
Are you humiliated by me?
I don’t know how else to see, different world’s now we reside in; leaving me to pick up the pieces.
Once you promised the universe now left a horror. The storm I have to survive alone, consoling myself I have to move on.
Keeping in check the darkness you fuelled by the betrayal, painting me fool. Sometimes I wonder what I had seen in you.

Perhaps the charm, naivety of heart falling victim to your power; a hard pass, lesson learned by losing a part of me.
Atleast, I know life is no fantasy.


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