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Mr Bully

Last updated on August 21, 2020

How does it feel?
Making me plead
For the wrongs I have never done
Just, so you be pleased

Does your ego get any bigger?
Crushing the weak
Without any real reason to be,

How does the applause sound?
When they pat your back
By crushing me to ground,

Have you been crowned?
The king of manipulators
The haters
Of serene crowd,

Does it feel any better?
The sight of tears, the fears
When you chase your prey around?

Are you a feeder?
Feeding on my agony
The helplessness
I pour,

Are you devil spawn?
That’s how I feel
When you are around,

How does power taste?
Top in hierarchy
By your cruel ways
Crushing the flower of love
So everyone resembles you from inside
A miserable soul to the sore eyes,

So tell me Mr Bully
How does it feel?
To be in power
But, never to be free.


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