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Last updated on August 22, 2020

I’m really sorry” he said
I smiled sadly towards him “yeah me too”
“I really don’t know, how to explain this” he said “I just feel so lost here.”
“You don’t have to” I further explained “I mean it’s actually my fault, I fell hard and fast for you. It’s like I was in another state of mind, you know the saddest part is that you gave me hope even if it was all in my head but, nonetheless it’s true my feeling for you and everything ; you believed in me when no one did? You supported me when no one did? But maybe that’s how it was meant to be. It’s really my fault for loving you or maybe mistaking your kindness, your friendship as your love for me. In between I forget one thing I can never actually compete with the beautiful girlfriend of yours, huh”
“I don’t know what to say to you?” he said again sounding sad “I can’t choose between you and her”
“but you already have” I told him quietly “you choose her not me, she is your love and I am just a friend that you pity” I gazed at the shining moon “well this is goodbye then, have a great life” with that I left him standing at the sea-shore, without listening to his words; towards my new beginning away from my best friend who was my only friend.

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