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Poesia Amore

Last updated on August 18, 2020


“Instead of stepping forward
Her steps retreated.
Fading away with darkened clouds,
Without answering feral howls”

What a magnificent piece? Darcy thought blend of words; the raw emotions indeed a good creation.
“ah, I love her work” Darcy said aloud, moved by the idea behind the poetry altogether, before she could comment the poetess for her incredible work; a message popped on her hello poetry account opening her inbox indeed a message was there.
“Silent_Storm” unique name first thought crossed in Darcy’s mind, opening the message it read.

Knock. Knock.

“Huh” Darcy mumbled but, decided to play along.

Darcy Jones
Whose their?

Silent storm

Darcy Jones
Silent storm who?


Silent storm capturing your heart from you

Making Darcy smiled slyly but, replied.

Darcy Jones
It’s not easy
To gather gems
You fool

It’s just
Before you fell for me

Darcy Jones
Danger I smell
My mother told me
To stay away
From strangers, farewell

I might whisper
A secret
You know me very well
My dearest

Darcy Jones
Don’t fuel
Curiosity in me
Haven’t you heard?
Curiosity killed the cat indeed.

It has nine lives to fulfill
So what’s your excuse?
Darcy Jones

Darcy Jones
No excuse
Just curious
To know the face behind
Silent storm

You cut me deep
Alas! Ciao
Sweet dreams.

Flabbergasted, Darcy scrolled again and again through their little game with small smile witnessing all on her face. Strange Darcy thought but, little storm anyway brewed owns its own.
Few days, passed no new conversation held making Darcy dwell and read the chat again and again. Now in school cafeteria but, miles away in land of her own sound of her phone brought her back to reality, checking it up a new message from silent storm in fact.

Why so low?
You missed me
That much
My dove

Darcy Jones
Hardly, you jerk
Now spying
On your prey
You bluff

My concern is not bluff
Just my way
Showing you
I care

Darcy Jones

If you care so much
Why don’t you man up?

Trust me I’m man enough
Question is can you handle
The manliness; my love

Darcy Jones
What love?
All I see
You build

In due time
You know my worth
Remember just smile

Before, Darcy could reply her friend nudged her from side “what you smiling about?” Nancy asked.
“Nothing” replied Darcy still playing the exchange of words in her mind.
“Well if you say so” Nancy her friend mumbled more to herself then to Darcy.
Day went without any hassle and no more impromptu notification, waiting on steps of school Darcy again went through, their rhyming exchange; putting a smile on her face. Darcy didn’t even notice someone standing above her; clearing of throat snapped her from her state, causing her to face the bad boy of school instead.

“What do you want Reece?” Darcy scowled at him
“aww princess” Reece teased her “just here to escort you to your kingdom”
“What you playing at?” Darcy scowled at him
“why would I play you?” Reece questioned her with question.
“can’t you answer with proper answer, rather than with another question.” Darcy groaned
“well there is no fun in that” Reece pouted
“there is no winning with you” Darcy said and turned around to walk away
“but, you already had” Reece called out going after her “my heart” added catching up to her.
“go annoy someone else.” Darcy said making shooing motion with her hand
“but, I’m already annoying you” Reece stated the obvious.
“I’m going to ask one last time, what do you want Reece?” Darcy asked through clenched teeth.
“buzz kill” Reece mumbled but, answered her “your mother asked me give you ride home because we are neighbors”
“of course she did” Darcy seethed “ what’s new in that? Let’s go then” and changed her direction towards his car. “Hurry up you snail” called out to the stunned bad boy.
Later that evening fuming Darcy tried to write some poetry to control her anger and hurt again caused by her mother forgetting all about her just to please her fiance.
“ahhhhhh” Darcy screamed into her pillow not before hurling her dairy across the room.
Darcy’s anger spree halted by the ping from her phone, indicating notification; her anger fades a little, Opening her inbox again the message from none other than silent storm.

I like colour red
on you
not from anger
but, from blush
the naughty nothings
I wrote for you

Darcy Jones
I’m fed up of
Your games
Can’t you find?
Another prey

What prey?
All I want is you
In dreams

Darcy Jones
What dream?
I’m a nightmare baby
Glad to ruin your

Never Jones
After all
Storm is here
To engulf nightmare
Of course

Darcy Jones
I think it’s just
You hide behind.
In reality
You are no storm
Who rise?

Harsh words
Only willed me
To peruse you
My love

Darcy Jones
Hold your horses
I’m gonna cut the leash

All forgotten about her mother and anger Darcy slept the night away with smile lingering on her face.
After 1 month
“What’s gotten into you?” Nancy questioned Darcy
“What?” Darcy questioned back
“Such an audacity” Nancy stated
“Stop being dramatic” Darcy said
“Me being dramatic” Nancy asked astonished “you Darcy Amber Jones what will you call those creepy smiles and you being glued with your phone. Huh, what will you call those? And more than usual being spaced out day by day. What the hell you hiding from your best friend? Boyfriend, Secret admirer what?” glared at Darcy
“whoa” Darcy sat their flabbergasted “jeez are you auditioning for drama club or something.”
“we don’t have drama club in our school” Nancy stated “ stop changing the topic, answer the damn question Jones”
“You scaring me” Darcy mumbled
“Good” Nancy sweetly smiled “now spill” demanded later.
“After school, my house” Darcy supplied
“glad we came to an agreement” Nancy took her seat and returned to her normal self.
“more like coerced” Darcy mumbled
“Did you say something?” Nancy narrowed her eyes at her
“no” Darcy abruptly answered
“Thought so” Nancy returned back to her lunch.


“ohhh lala” Nancy muttered beaming from ear to ear still skimming through their chats “looks like you have an admirer”
“Now you know” Darcy rolled her eyes at her “now you can stop harassing me”
“I wouldn’t have to harass you, if you willingly told me.” Nancy stated
“Whatever” Darcy mumbled
Before two of them said anything else Darcy phoned pinged halting them in their action, Nancy with naughty smile, Darcy in fear of what her crazy friend would do.

“epppppp” Nancy squealed still having ownership of Darcy’s phone
“Nancy hand me my phone back” Darcy raced after her friend who moved farther away.
“no can do” Nancy said “ohhhh isn’t he romantic silent storm huh.” Teased Darcy further
“You are so dead” Darcy shouted and finally took hold of her phone much to Nancy’s disdain.

Are we playing hide and seek?
If yes
Let me seek your heart instead

“Romantic” Nancy sighed in content

Darcy Jones
Sadly, seeking is prohibited
How about we meet instead?

Why meet?
I happen to like
What we have indeed?

Darcy Jones
What we have is game?
Words can never woo
What a charm can?


Oh darling
I’m charming enough
But, you Wait and see
In due time you’ll know me

Darcy Jones
In due time
You say
I might not wait
That long

Ohhh challenge
I smell
Then I accept

Let the countdown begin

Darcy Jones
It shall

“What the hell Darcy?” Nancy questioned her friend action
“What?” Darcy questioned back
“Why would you challenge him like that?” Nancy asked “he is being so romantic, why would you ruin it?”
“ruin it” Darcy asked astonished “this being going on for one month already, he knows how I feel; sad, angry or whether just annoyed. It’s creeping me out and I want to really want to discover the face behind silent storm because he is creating one in me. I just want to see or maybe I don’t want to lose this so called thing but, maybe want to strength this in real life. It’s been so long I have this kind of connection with someone.”
“Come here” Nancy said embracing her distressed friend “then you girl have me to back you up. From tomorrow own-wards mission find silent storm, officially starts.” Earned a chuckle from Darcy
“You seriously something” Darcy commented
“One of many charms I possess” Nancy smiled “so do you think he might be in our school”
“I have suspicion” Darcy agreed
“ohhhh” Nancy wickedly smiled “interesting”
“What are you thinking?” Darcy questioned her friend
“oh nothing you should be worried about” Nancy assured her but, failed.
“But I am” Darcy worriedly said
“oh hush” Nancy said

“so far none” Nancy fumed beside Darcy stabbing at her lunch fiercely.
“Patience Nancy” Darcy advised
“no can do” Nancy muttered still fuming

Later that day no success or lead to focus on both of them munching on ice cream in park near their house still, in deep thought.
“ who shall not be named contacted you?” Nancy asked her friend
“he is not Voldemort, you know” Darcy stated the obvious “but no”
“it has nice ring to it” Nancy muttered over spoon full of ice cream “he is onto something”
“I agree” Darcy agreed, her phone soon pinged indicating notification.

Give up already
My lady

“ahhhhh” both friends sat numb long forgotten their ice creams, staring at the phone screen.
“He knows” Nancy supplied
“yup he does” Darcy agreed
“he is clever very clever” Nancy muttered “we have to up our game. Don’t reply to him? At least not now”
“hmmm” Darcy hummed
Few days went by no conversation between them happened and they lay low not to alert you know who can’t be named. They both, Darcy and Nancy were playing cool and avoiding the line of vision anything suspicious but, so far no luck on whom this silent storm is?

“This is hard” Nancy muttered
“Who said it was going to be easy?” Darcy supplied
“But, still one indication” Nancy moaned desperately “just one god that’s all I’m asking”
“It feels like he was texting you all this time not me, the way you are acting right now.” Darcy quietly mumbled so only Nancy could hear.
“What I’m desperate for you? Nancy grumbled “and I would like to know too”
“You want to know everything” Darcy teased and stood up to go to her next class.
“True” Nancy agreed copying Darcy’s action together they existed, the cafeteria and parted to their respective classes.
Nancy’s class was little far from cafeteria so, she ventured further. But, abruptly stopped when she heard Darcy’s name and hid behind the wall and quietly listened to the voices.

“Dude you are so dead if she finds out” someone said
“yeah” someone agreed “Darcy is not like any other girls and you know it.”
“Don’t you guys think I know this shit?” an oddly familiar voice said “do you think she would take me seriously if I out of blue ask her to be my girlfriend. It’s not that easy with her.”

“And whose fault is that” someone said “you always want to tease her. My advice man up, she might go easy on you silent storm.”

“Shut it Aaron” someone said “it’s not the bad advice, tell her. Its right thing to do Reece”

When Nancy heard the name Reece, her eyes went wide with shock, then anticipation and finally in glee. Naughty smile graced her lips and quietly she retreated from their when she heard boys footsteps retreating to other direction.

“ohhhh Darcy you are in it for surprise” Nancy mumbled to herself and skipped towards her class. A plan already formed in her mind.

After school Nancy took matter in her own hands and cornered the three boys near Reece’s car.
Aaron spotted her first and asked “what do you want?”
“ohh daunting” Nancy teased “I’m not here for you Aaron but, I do want something” and eyed three boys with devilish smile.

“I don’t have time for your games” Aaron said bored
“Who said I’m here for you?” Nancy recited “don’t give yourself too much importance? But, I’m here for Reece”

“What do you want Nancy?” Reece finally acknowledged her.
“Well you can be little more compassionate” Nancy teased
“Don’t test my patience” Reece replied already annoyed
“Match made in heaven, indeed” Nancy mumbled under breathe
“What did you say?” Reece enquired
“Nothing you should be worried about” Nancy said “but, I’m here to help”
“Help?” Reece asked confused “I don’t recall asking you”
“Well you didn’t” Nancy agreed “but, by greatness of my heart I offer to help you win over Darcy”
“Excuse me” Aaron blinked several times. So does the others.
“Excused” Nancy sweetly replied, waiting them to come out of their momentarily shock.
Suddenly, Reece’s eyes hardened “how the hell you figured it out?”
“ohhh” Nancy cooed “ a little advice, walls do have ears”

Few moments later

“So that’s how you know” Kendrick said
“Yup” Nancy chirped
“So how you gonna help?” Reece finally relented
Nancy smiled and spilled all the details to the boys. How? When? What? Where? It was all figured out now only they need is Darcy on the fore front.

“You have wicked mind” Kendrick appreciated
“Atleast someone appreciates, this poor soul” Nancy dramatically replied “unlike someone” narrowed her eyes at Aaron, who happily reciprocated the gesture?
“Cool so tomorrow then” Reece asked
“Tomorrow” Nancy agreed “I’ll bring your girl bad boy, just be ready” teased Reece

“I’m born ready” Reece happily said
“Atta boy” Nancy said “well I’m off, see you boys”
“What have you done?” Darcy asked her friend.
“Nothing” Nancy mumbled “why?”
“You been acting strange” Darcy pointed out
“My normal is also strange to you” Nancy grumbled
“True” Darcy agreed
“You” Nancy narrowed her eyes, with that she dodged the bullet because tonight is the night “can you please go and change already. We are getting late.”
“So impatient” Darcy grumbled but, entered into the bathroom to change into something decent.

After an hour

“Where are we going?” Darcy asked nth times already “stop ignoring me”
“I’ll stop, when you stop nagging me?” Nancy grumbled out her agitation.
“I’ll stop when you tell me where we are going?” Darcy asked with equally agitated voice.
Nancy heaved the sigh of relief when she finally saw the sign of ‘Man Shack’ “we are here.” She happily announced.
“Man Shack” Darcy asked after exiting out of car
“Yup” Nancy popped it “c’mon lets go” dragging Darcy along with here and quickly texting them they are here.
“But, why here?” Darcy wheezed out
“You ask too many questions?” Nancy mumbled but, dragged her still and finally after a minute they came face to face with a door.
“It’s locked” Darcy pointed out.
Not paying heed to her, Nancy dragged Darcy in front of door and opening it in one swift motion pushed Darcy in and locking the door from outside.
“Nancy, Nancy” Darcy shouted from the other side “its’ not funny, don’t play stupid jokes. Nancy!”
“That’s how you gonna do it” said the voice behind her
“That’s how you normally say thank you” Nancy asked instead.
“Whatever I’m excited” said another voice of Kendrick piped in
“Finally someone sharing my enthusiasm” Nancy happily replied
“You mean your stupidity” Aaron clarified
Sensing the tension rising, Kendrick pulled them apart “why don’t we sit in car, I bought snacks with me” when three of them bundled in the car, the other two still locked up in room.

“Nancy, Nancy” Darcy called out again and again but, before she could try again. The room lit out with light, halting Darcy in action of knocking the door. Finally, she turns to face the room only to get surprised instead.
Whole room was decorated with flowers, balloons coated the whole floor and that too not cringe ones but, classy white; silver and maroon too; some strings hanging from the ceiling of the room with some sticky notes in some of them, cautiously Darcy took steps entering further in the room enchanted by beauty, serenity of the moment; holding one of the strings was attached a note:

Its true cat has nine lives
But, will you happen to accept
Me in this lifetime

Darcy chuckled a little but, nevertheless took hold of another and it read:

Once you said
Charm, is what you accept?
Am I succeeding in my quest?

My princess
My lady
How about being ‘My Queen’ instead?

Another read:
Now here I am
Silent storm
Seeking your permission
To come out
P.S. have you waited for that long?

Darcy inhaled deeply and once more took a look around the room filled with quotes, poetry just for her, a memory forever imprinted in her heart. Darcy chuckled a bit and whipped the stay tear slide across her face and called out the one person she is dying to meet for months “you can come out” but, no movement it held. Now, perplexed Darcy keeps on looking back and forth; to catch a glimpse of the face behind silent storm.

“c’mon silent storm show up” Darcy try to coax him out from his hiding spot.
“Why are you afraid?
You have my permission,
To show your face.”

A light chuckled Darcy heard and continued their way of communication
“I hear your silent laugh
Now come out
Before I get bored
And find another hand
To hold”

“Another hand
Forget that absurd plan.
When I’m here to make you
My girlfriend?” a voice so familiar replied back

“Now you speak
So, what’s up with hide and seek?” Darcy teased

“Just a little play
Before, I embrace
You; in my solace” he continued their poetry connection

“ohh lala
You talk sweet
Is that your feelings?
Or, just big talks you sew” Darcy flirted back

“you wound me
My queen
Why don’t you kiss it better?
After all you are my meteor garden.” Silent storm filled the silence of hope.

“This play will perish
So does the words.
Why don’t you come out?
And claim
What you want?” Darcy boldly said feeling of jitters accompany her with every word.

“A bold move
Are you ready?
For the view” he asked her permission for one last time

“Born ready
Silent storm
No, backing out now” Darcy firmly replied him.

“close your eyes
Count to three
I shall appear
In front of you
My queen” he promised and so Darcy followed, closed her eyes counted loud to three and Reece finally stepped out f his hiding spot and stood firmly in front of Darcy whose eyes are still closed “open them” quietly mumbled, heart beating wildly; eyes searching that smile, he adored, the eyes he loved.
Darcy slowly opened her eyes, an unknown fear caging her; but she opened her orbs to finally see the face she wanted the most “finally” she whispered.
“Huh” Reece asked little confused “you aren’t surprised”
“Took you long enough” Darcy said instead “silent storm” teased him
“Hey” Reece “you knew” asked her shyly and relieved too
“I had inkling” Darcy replied “but, your voice gave it away just now”
“Hmmm” Reece hummed
“Hmmm” Darcy hummed back
“so” Reece started “ how about you kiss it better.?”

“Kiss it” Darcy pretended to be confused
“Hmmm” Reece agreed “you promised”
“I did” Darcy played along “I don’t remember”
“you don’t” Reece said stepping closer to her “how about I show you?”
“show me” Darcy asked “then catch me first” and ran across the room, Reece following behind her; room filled with laugh, love, contentment and most importantly poetry that brought them together as one, power of words, their magnitude is more gratifying them spoken words.

Finally Reece caught her and embraced her in his arms, just as he promised “be mine” asked her hopefully.
“Haven’t I already agreed?” Darcy mumbled
“I want to hear once more” Reece coaxed her to say once again.
“They say:
Action speaks louder than words.” Darcy mumbled and to show how serious she is and fully accept him and kissed him taking him by surprise “your answer” mumbled after breaking the innocent kiss they share.
“Then hear mine” Reece mumbled before capturing her in euphoria, a state of pure bliss; leaving them wanting more.
“Loud and clear” Darcy wheezed through her panting still in Reece arms.

“So silent storm
What’s next?” Darcy asked him.

“Now by my side,
Poesia amore.
We will write our own history,
How we captured each other heart?
Simple words
Magical start
Silent storm with queen of his heart” a smile of love, promise of eons, start of something new; they embarked the journey of love and poetry, as one soul with torso of two.


Hope you guys like this sweet and simple poetic love story.

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stay safe

A lone wolf howling.


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  1. It was nice & unique, something different than your usual posts. Great job! 👍

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