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Last updated on August 21, 2020

Again we meet
Different circumstances
I plead,

Gaze on ground
Too afraid to see
The tale you once told
A true picture to hold,

Horrors came to life
I regret ignoring your cries,

Here I am again
A trip down
Memory lane,

Still pains the same
You reflected it
All over again,

Decisions went wrong
You witnessed it all
The cries and the pain
The blue and grey
Marked this landscape,

The invisible cloak I wore
The fakeness adored
Crushed the fire
You know it all,

Restless day and night
Anxiety choked the pride
Believed the lies
Even though you screamed
The truth,

One brave step
I’m free again
Took sometime
I’m ‘me’ again,

After all we meet again
You reflected the smile
I  am in love again.


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