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Last updated on August 26, 2020

Once he craved the presence of another. His hands hovered over the contact to press the call or not. Again he decided against it. The rhapsody of unsettlement grew, he, again and again, went through his social media handle; searched for a friend to just chat. Finding none; nothing new for him there.

A sudden thought hit him hard. A platform designed specifically for interaction proves to be lacking in its purpose. Now people grew more and more apart. Enchanted with life, comments, and followers; a virtual art. We got enclosed in virtual life and apart in personal.

He sighed not knowing with whom to have heart to heart. Who would listen to him rant? Who would understand his heart?

Do his emotions have a place in this world?

He wiped tears of frustration away mumbled to his aching self “at very last only you have to shoulder your own burdens. They are yours to carry after all.” his heartfelt heavy so does his mind and body; burdened with thoughts of not knowing, never belonging, and an outcast. He always harboured such a notion. Instilled so deep; the roots are not easy to pull out and discard.

When faced with a dilemma, humans often develop certain habits of distress? A cleansing process of their own to wash out the leeriness; some adopt the habit to exercise, meditate, listen to music and some start to write or read. Gateways to drown self from impending heed storms.

 He was no different from those.

He penned his quivering emotions on paper. A habit he formed as everything else fell apart. An anchor he held after shredding apart.

“thee you ache

barren heart;

brimmed with fears

hauling them near;

no soul to wipe;

seditious tears;

at very end

you are your own


These words provided him what people lacked; escape from his self. Poetry soothed his wayfarer thoughts, though he feared to share them but, enjoyed its boho exuberant feel.

 Another battle within oneself he sealed.

When do family, friends, and acquaintances fail to be your saving grace? Be your own. Don’t look expectantly at others? Find your wings to fly. Dive into yourself and float, swim into deeper shores. Find your purpose? Don’t hold back? Let it go. You must take a flight with yourself. You might be surprised to see; you don’t need someone to be your anchor; to find comfort in others. You can too survive without feeling to hide.

That’s why he wrote, scribbled his emotion on paper. He found solace in words rather than people.

Now, he doesn’t find his hesitant fingers hovering over contacts. He no longer suffers his social media handles. He just writes his words swirled with love and newfound motivation, inspiration; hoping to share them one day with the aching world.

To inspire many young hearts like him the art of – Rhapsody.

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  1. Joeakin7 Joeakin7

    Ok, am a big lover of poetry, and people who think out loud. And I can say this is amazing. Nice one.

    • thank you, i’m glad you liked it. i hope in future too you keep on liking and supporting my work.

  2. Moksha Moksha

    This is so full of emotions. Imma big fan of your writings from now. I somewhere deep within felt this whole story. And you know right, the emotional pain when we read this kinda stories at night. Though I’m a happy soul, I felt this. At the very end, we are our own. Ahhh 😭 Diksha you’ve my heart love 💓

    • thank you for such a insightful and positive response.

  3. Zeyad Zeyad

    This is so amazing and touching. I loved it.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I hop you keep on loving my work and supporting me.

  4. Mansi Sharma Mansi Sharma

    Well crafted! Emotive and realistic! More power to you girl❤️

    • thank you di for such encouragement

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