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Last updated on August 19, 2020

I carried this baggage for long time
A stigma
I can’t slide
Scars slathered my arms
Proof of my
Darkest hour,

I pulled the
Chain hard
To stop practice
Of self harm,

To bloom like
A sunflower
With faith and
Promising start,

Past can’t be erased
But, present can be
Written on new slate
Opening future

Let’s take solace
In positive state
That no negativity
Can reciprocate,

No more self harm
Baggage claims
Shut darkness
With positive flames,

Lit hope of
Being in love again
Mute screams of blame
Listen to voice
Your heart generate
Don’t let society
Pave your way,

Negate stigma of
Self harm
Shine bright like
A magnificent star

Soon to be published in anthology ‘Wild Butterflies’

Published inProse & Poem

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