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Sun’s Will

Last updated on February 9, 2021

‘how many people
gushes about sunsets?’
but, never sun rise
not knowing
the loss of hopes
and desires they root
the blazing colours filed
the daylight
inspiring many wanders
to stay put
eyes on goal
burning the flower
of cynicism
it gloat about
fighting again
not hiding but
fighting again
conquering the olden
pioneer of brave
the phoenix who rose
from ashes
vibrant and sane
sprinkling the
blue shy
with eccentric tint
a journey of sun rise
a beautiful will.

Published inProse & Poem


  1. Pankaj Sobti Pankaj Sobti

    Great Poem, well done.

  2. Suman Prashar Suman Prashar

    Very good Diksha, keep it up.

  3. Zeyad Zeyad

    Wow! Good work.

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