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Take Away From 2020

Last updated on May 29, 2022

No one knew this year would be ‘the year of- pandemic.’

No one knew it would change our life for good. And no one knew we have to alter our lifestyle accommodate the unwanted but, ever present – Covid-19.

2020 is the year we lost, learned to value the things we haven’t and most certainly the year we would never forget.

But, the question is –

What are your take away from 2020 – ‘the year of pandemic’?

What are the things you learned from it?  I made a list, see if you agree or you want to add something I haven’t:

  • Mental Health is no joke:
    what we have experienced and still continuing too; confined in our houses, surrounded by four walls; going crazy with emotion or lack of it. Thinking all the un-necessary scenarios by our own, fighting the fear of an anxiety. To put it simply, life is tough and even tougher due to covid-19. Though, we no longer confined to our homes but, the effects are seen.

Take away: mental health is no joke. It’s integral part of our physical health. It’s very real and normal. There is no taboo when we talk about mental health. This pandemic proved to be a proof of it. Mental health should be addressed and regular check-ups and care is necessary.

  • Schools and Teaches are needed:
    this year also marked as the year of no schools. Many parents some schooled their kids. The whole year around. How many of them are already at their wits end?

    Take away: schools are where our future shines and teachers are the tools helping them to find that shine. Teachers are needed and their importance is felt everywhere. People in educational field work really hard and require our highest respect. This year- 2020 too proved the dire need of schools and why we need them? Without it students are just lost travellers without any destination in mind.

  • We need to slow down a bit:
    we live in a world with one of our feet in always on a gas pedal – ready to go. We are constantly under stress to be creative, effective and efficient; to be better than our peers.
    While it might serve you right professionally but, it’s not healthy living.

    Take away: lets slow down a bit and take it day by day. I know it’s easier said than done but, life is short. Let’s strike a balance where we can love and cherish bitter and sweet moments of life. Rather than always stressing about the work related issues. Let this New Year mark the positive change in our lives.

  • Family and Friends:
    our fast paced life dragged us away from the most essential part: – our family and friends. I’m well aware that some of us our at last nerve and even fed up by now. But, take a moment and appreciate what is given to us. When many of us lost them but, at the same time in a twisted away some of us gotten closer too. Think of it as an opportunity to work out your issues and mend the bridges built too high to cross. If you haven’t’ done that in 2020 do it now in 2021. It’s a brand new year for a brand new start.

    Take away: to have close and healthy relationship with your family and friends is important. use this time wisely to share the precious moments with them. Because, you never know when is your last.

  • Expenses can be tamed:
    how many of us do retail therapy? How many of us feel less stressed after spending some money? How many of us are frenzy for online shopping?

    Take away: one thing we learned in 2020 is that necessities are all we need to survive. so, to put it simply expenses can be tamed, how many of you saved a lot of money by just not eating out or shopping for nothing and the most funny thing you feel like you haven’t missed a thing. So, the gist is to spend for what you actually need.

  • Our life perspective has changed:
    ask yourself truthfully, your life perspective has changed; because mine certainly did. What matter to us most and what not? We certainly feel the shift in our own selves.

    Take away: being hyped by our favourite influencer, YouTube video to learn why doctors and nurses are needed; our perspective to see them changed. The minimum wage workers to labour forces; the backbone of our society without which we can’t survive. Let’s appreciate the importance of what is most important. Let’s change our way of thinking and take care of those who take care of us.

  • New skills and career back-ups plan:
    so many people have lost their jobs and suffering through pay cuts. Unemployment is all time high. What I learned is to have multiple income options or have a side hustle.

    Take away: multiple income sources are one way to cushion your future, but I think we should acquire new skills and career back up plans. The present scenario has already shown us you never know what will happen. So, we all should have an idea of what else we could do with our skills or what else we should learn which can help u financially.

I hope this post helped you in some way. So, let’s continue to learn and implement it in our lives and grow into better and responsible citizens of universe this New Year.

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    This post is really inspired. I’m sure anyone who reads this learns something. Thank you for your advices.

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