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Last updated on August 21, 2020

My heart is not,
In sync with my mind

Both are overwhelmed on
Different parallel lines,

One contradicts other
Not a joyful ride,

Still they survive
Holding hands they cry,

One in pity
One n relief,

At Least they have each other
Striving against all odds,

They fly high up in the sky
Basking few minutes of pride,

Until, someone crushes the
Innocent smile

Vile verses till rang the same,
Causing displeasures, withering in pain

Shattered last ounce of
Confidence, I contained

In heaps of misery,
I stay

Pray for miracle, when hollowness
Spray, blinding with pain

Too much too hold
My heart is not, in
Sync with my mind

It’s in uproar!


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