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World Kindness Day

Last updated on May 29, 2022

“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman

Isn’t the quote just beautiful in depicting we all do struggle? Which in return sow the seed of kindness in us? All we have to do is nurture that seed into a big beautiful tree.

How many of us did struggle in our personal life?
How many of us overcame it and vowed to help anyone or someone if we can

You must be thinking why all of sudden I’m talking about kindness. Well, 13th November just passed and it’s famously known and celebrated as ‘World Kindness Day’. It is observed every year on 13th November but, first in 1998.

The objective was simple- is to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds us.

pic source: canva edited: diksha prashar

I think kindness is where you know and understand the need for a helping hand. Where you know a few words of encouragement or your actions can save one’s life; their future.
Kindness requires courage to devote your all and never expect anything in return. We all hear stories, articles in newspapers and watch on TV. But, are we kind enough to help someone?
 Some people devote their whole life for sake of others. This year of pandemic taught us that kindness is still very much alive, kicking and breathing. We all witnessed it firsthand. How people in the health sector being there for you? How people came together to feed the homeless? The references are infinite and we did witness it all.

Sonu Sood is an admirable example of helping others; going out of his way. He is not only being praised nationally but globally too. Not only him but, every human who fed the homeless, sheltered the animals are prime examples of kindness.

I know I’m a few days late but, let us celebrate their courage; enormous hearts, kind nature and willingness to open their arms and thinking about others before them.
So, let’s be humble, kind and always ready to help when someone needs it. Let us unite and make this place, our home a kind living space for the future generation.

“Kindness never dies
it just hides
behind greed and selfishness
let’s not ruin
Hard Work and sweat
of greatness galore
 just be kind enough
to know
it takes courage
to hold and spread
– Diksha Prashar

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  1. Well written.
    Yes I too agree with the point. Unless we have courage we can’t help others. I do look out around me to stretch my helping hand whenever there comes a chance.

    • that’s very nice of you and yes without courage to help other we are nothing just passer by

  2. Zeyad Zeyad

    This is so nice and beautiful.

    • thank you zee i appreciate you liked the article

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