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15 minutes

Last updated on May 8, 2021

15 minutes

Only 15 minutes
It only took me fifteen minutes to reach there; my destination. For the past month I have been regularly tracing this path, these roads which undoubtedly now is part of my daily routine. ironically enough it just takes me fifteen minutes to be here but, it takes life time to your ultimate destination. Your destined path. It kept me thinking? A small change makes a big difference. I glide through this path with submissive thoughts yet life knocks us ultimately. It’s not just me but you too. We aren’t any different. Some of us thought we finally landed on our dream job,life or social status. Isn’t it? Though why are you still searching? The truth is this search, this inferno never subside. We will search high and lows for that one thing which soothes our passion and ignite it at the same time. The insatiable hunger for more. For that inch where it’s our. Many says stick to what you know. I say explore what you know? reach the deepest corner and keep on digging that path, that light you want. It’s not about fifteen minutes or a few months. It’s about the life you mould worth living. No one can choose for you. No one can hand it over. It’s you, us who can creates it. You don’t have to be alone, disheartened or lose hope. Just believe in yourself and only you can find that beautiful path, the destination, your soul being craving for eons. And by any chance you feel like giving up remember my words.

“Search high and low
Trace the paths unknown
Believe the inner desire
To sail
Not just fifteen minutes but
Eternity awaits”


I wrote this way back in early January but, never got to share it with you guys. I wrote this with emotions that we often overlook the beauty around us. The things can mean so much but, are left abandoned. if in just 15 minutes I can learn this path, the beauty it fumes and the peace it brought me. Then how much we are overlooking, not seeing what should be cherished. How many new things we can learn or come to learn? Just a few minutes and it’s yours right.

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  1. Yasir Sulaiman Yasir Sulaiman

    15 minutes -precious memories that can be made within that time. Beautifully said.

    • Thank you sir…just give urself 15 minutes it might do wonders

      • Zeyad Zeyad

        Just 15 minutes to notice the things we overlook… This is nicely written

        • Yup it might take seconds too but we need to look around

  2. This is short and sweet. Nice writing.
    Our dreams eventually will get fulfilled when we work hard and be positively connected with right people. I have noticed a pair of comes in resque when hundred hands pull you down..
    Be happy and keep doing wonderful things to spread happiness and let us build a better world to live.

    • Yes definitely there are some hick ups but eventually you get that

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