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Hey, Mental health

How’s your life in pandemic? Your mental health, how it’s keeping up with you? How well are you coping up with new dimensions of life we are bound in?

Aren’t these questions we all want to know, not just about us but, people around us too? Albeit we are too confiend in ourselves to focus on others. Though, you will agree with me this era of pandemic has risen questions of mental health awareness altogether and into a new light. The lockdown, loss, sense of being alone and vulnerability surfaced potrayed a mural; we never knew could be painted.

As infamously google explained Mental Health : a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being.

This month of May is all about Mental Health Awareness.

Mental Health Awareness

Knowing your mental health is far more important than you think. How’s our emotional well being is? Are we physically aware about us? How much are we impacted by outer environment?

But, the most important of it all is- are we ready to ask for help, if we are not? As monotonous as it sounds – ‘it’s ok not to be ok’

The first step is always to know something is not right. Every other thing comes afterwards. ‘

The only journey is the journey within’- Rainer Maria Rike

Ain’t that true? Every journey starts within and our souls is carrier of it. As I said before first is always to know something is not right.The second, is to accept and the most crucial of all the third step, to seek help. Without any shame confront your demons.Confront what needs to be apart from you.

Be aware of your mental health

Although, many questions will rise. Many fingers will be pointed but, just because they don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

So, are you going to just shut the door at your mental health face when it knocks or going to say hey mental health, let’s breathe.

Choice is yours.

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  1. Yasir Sulaiman Yasir Sulaiman

    Very insightful!

    • what made you think my article is insightful?

  2. Zeyad Zeyad

    This is very well written and I am sure this will help raise awareness about our mental health. Thank you for trying to help.

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