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Last updated on August 14, 2021

“The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”

That’s what Google told me. But, where is home?

Where is our family?

Where does our passion lie? Or,

It is in us.

I often ask myself the same question the answer is vague; truth be told, I don’t know even myself. I term myself wander in some sense. I think we are all wanderers in one way or other. We search for a home that feels like one.

It doesn’t have to be with our family or our passion or person we love yet something which makes you feel belonged, cherished and most importantly knows your worth. These things comprise of home.  You and I can find them in a person, hobby, in our passion, or something never imagined by ourselves. It can be anything and nothing at the same time. No home is home without love; you can’t be part of one until and unless you feel and ooze that love yourself.

The feeling of being home is never to be with people you surround yourself with, most of the time. Especially, no compassion is there for each other. No correlation of thoughts and certainly no respect. Just a constant feeling of being their breezing past day by day and that is not what home should feel like?

Living never gives you home, and

Home never gives you a living.

We tend to choose what others want drowning our own choices faded into the background soon, forgotten. I say choose your home. We can be deprived of hundreds or thousands of things in this life nevertheless; home is not one of them.

I found my little place of solace, my sweet nothing, my home in my words.

Where is yours?

Where is your home that you long?

It can be closer than you think. Maybe just around a corner or in a forgotten memory, hobby, or who knows in you.

A Home you want is what you should create not, wait for it.

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