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I Heard A Story

i heard a story about
u and i
but, it won’t end happy
you know why?
we both resides in
two realms
one is known as Earth
and the other hidden
beneath it’s crust
you walk the path

i watched you from afar
i counted the tears
you shed
each piercing me
harder than before

i read the stories in your eyes
how you tries to redefine the
words you wanna hide?
you still cradle the
love for me
protecting it like a baby
blooming it like
spring flowers

it pains me that you
hide behind close doors
only come out when
darkness shouts
to find my traces in
the shimmering sky
the thousands of stars
glittering with sighs

sadly; you won’t find anything
worth the moment
the spark will dim itself
no more tales to weave
no longer u and i, us
two different paths we
breeze as strangers
we live
not an end you desired
but, all tales are not
meant to be

Be my beautiful readers and hear this tale in my voice :

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