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I remembered you…..

Last updated on May 31, 2021

so, i remembered you again
out of blue
your memories came through
little sweet
but salty
they taste
a pinch of bitterness
sprinkled too

the things i loved
about you
are now thorns that
i question
‘why did i loved you?’

i ask again and again
maybe somethings remain mystery
and one day
when my heart is ready
to move on
you will be mine history.

A Poetry Book
by Diksha Prashar

Note: This book is being written by Diksha Prashar on her Wattpad and Inkitt profile. You can always read the whole book their free of cost. All you have to do is to click the e-cover above and it will redirect you to the page. Where you can discover her others book too.

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  1. Melan Melan

    Nice poem

    • thank you i hope you will continue to enjoy more of my work

  2. Melan Melan

    Dear Diksha,
    True LOVEz never becomes history…

    • true love lives in history i guess in a way

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