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Life Journey….

Last updated on August 22, 2020

IT is said that journey of life begins with your first cry,

It must be told to you many times hold your chin up,

Again it must be said to you, that you are special, one of the kind, you been created for the greater good,

But then again why it hurts to be in your own life journey,

Then why are we so scared to hold our chin up,

Then why hasn’t god helped you and your wounds been bleeding,

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter when and where you start your journey or the ray of hope hasn’t been seen,

Your journey began only when you understand your own being, your own self,

That your desires are your own, your time will come. When you learn to accept your own mistakes, yourself and when you are you no one else . that no on e can stop from reaching the heights that you craved .

Because sky is the limit, you and I yet to reach it. 

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