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Last updated on August 18, 2020

If; I could I ask god a question?

I would definitely seek,

Why does my skin matter?

And, not myself belief.

My soul on least

Pedestrian of society’s ladder,

Black or brown

#onlyskin matter;

Deciding my fate

Black: bad guy with guns

Brown: not enough to be human

White: that’s all matter

Fairer skin; which everyone envy and believe

Soul: a mighty myth

To be social savvy;

But, did it save?


Another one died

#GeorgeFlyod R.I.P

Who set theses standards?

Every skin matter inspite of its colour,

Hail the flag of equal belief,

Skin is just colour

Not, character you wore

God graced us better;

Be a human for once.


Really sorry, we have come to this.

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